"Doggy P. Lips" and D. Petri have worked together as Dog Hallucination since 2004. Dog Hallucination is a complex long-term art-ritual project that will embrace many mediums, culma-terminating in a full length feature film.

D. Petri: Producer, editor, engineer, visual artist, photographer, writer, graphic designer, multi-instrumentalist and performer. D. writes about music and other interests @ the Dog Hallucination appendage that is Petriblog. He is also the author of the miscellaneous dated items you will eventually find as you scroll down this page. This is the living artists' statement of Dog Hallucination.

"Doggy P. Lips": Idea-man, visual artist, imaginative guitar player, multi-instrumentalist and performer.

The Living Artists' Statement of Dog Hallucination

(Beginning Soon)

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