This here recording is a EXTREMELY NEW AND FRESH monstrous sprawl of wacked out textural mind tapestries for the Headless ones. On a new plane of higher-fi, and a new plane of collagey cut-up assemblage, CHUM TIDE is varied and multitopical to the Nth degree...and it is indeed a vibrant standout in their lengthy catalog. Mr. Leker's oration is specially varied and thorough on this collection. Stories of earth's primordial beginnings, extremely special pork, rubber music, machines gone wrong, nazis being urinated on, barking psychedelic dogs, carports, etc. He's serious. There are new approaches to the sound/music. Much technical knob tweedling was done here to produce the cuts, the statics, the tones, the overlays, the 3 month old sushi, the clown laughter in another dimension. This here recording is a tide of chum, a lake of strange leavings ebbing and undulating with laughter and deep echoes of a distant, mysterious past. It was meticulously assembled using a large variety of music dug up from deep in their dungeon of recordings. The recordings were enacted over the last 20 years or so, with emphasis on the years 2003-07.

If you would like to find a little bit more, but not too much, about the unholy blurbley phenomenon that is Headless Ballerinas Underwater, please visit their "ARTIST PAGE."

Below you will find some mp3 samples, including the entire track, H.B.U.'s homage to Brian Eno, 'The Fat Lady of Limbourg'. Enjoy, and much respect to one of the great masters. If for some reason you haven't, please do yourself a favor and buy your own copy of Taking Tiger Mountain (by strategy). -And if you already have, maybe go ahead and take a nice heavy listen to it again. It is a delightful album to listen to at extremely high volume, pushing play on "Burning Airlines..." at exactly 12 midnight on a New Year's Eve, ...not that BLZ-Bob would know.

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CHUM TIDE track samplings:

"Chum Tide" samples by Obnad Recordings


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