2 x C20

Four artists are compiled here on two 20 minute cassettes. Sound constructions by Homogenized Terrestrials, Andrew Quitter (Suburbia Melting, Regosphere, Crooked Columns), Cruudeuces, and Dog Hallucination are juxtaposed over these tape sides, demonstrating alternate perspectives on matters of mood, space, dynamism, genesis, deterioration, unseen forces, and other such glean-able notions. Each artist's contribution zooms in / muses / gyrates / meditates / drones / grinds / thumps on its own dark theme. These 4 pieces being separated onto their own sides of tape invites the engaged cassette-flipper to consider each side with a different mindset if at all possible, then to relate and contrast their impacts. To describe with verbal-visual-tactile hyperbole: Side 1: (H.T.) Abstract electronic-ethnic supernatural ballet & incidental music. Side 2: (A.Q.) Industrial-tribal doomworld being swept under a rust powder fog of synth. Side 3: (CRUU) Coal mine noise hysteria trapped in audio tape fungus-webbing. Side 4: (D.H.) Nostalgic memory-torture dejavu painted in liquid-digital metamorphic guitar shapes.

The artwork of the two J cards deals in weird metaphysical flights of fancy, played out in meticulous photoshop collaging imagined and executed by Dog Hallucination. Home printed in vivid colors, hand cut and assembled into simple side-by-side double cassette boxes. The tapes were dubbed at home in real time. Hear a sample down a bit lower on this page.

CAT-20....2 x C20


Existence Establishment

Four killer artists come together to create this great double tape set. Immediately noticeable is the great artwork job tying everything together here. The artists tend to do a great job as well creating like-minded sounds to fit into their side. I listened to this puppy a few times before even opening up the booklet and realizing that it was more than one artist, which is one point that demonstrates how succinctly this material works together.

Up first is Homogenized who presents possibly my favorite showing on here. Very impressive sound design elements are treated in Terrestrials which sets the tone perfectly. I love the samples used and the way the track evolves from more organic elements to electronic glitchy-ness. Eventually a low key tribal beat rises into the mix and the ambience shifts which rounds off the track nicely.

Next is Andrew Quitter and he delivers a more focused drone piece with reverberating tribal percussion floating above the mix. It’s quite steady for the duration but if anyone knows drone it’s Quitter and he has constructed a delicately changing elemental pattern. Beautiful glassy synth work accentuates the airwaves and keeps the track ever-flowing.

Cruudeuces is sandwiched onto side C and are the only project that goes for a more lo-fi production value here but they do it swimmingly. Pulsating bass kicks combine with struggling saxophone bellows. Wisps of noise tendrils claw longing at the frays but as with the other tracks here there is plenty of air to breathe, restraint shown in an effective way as to really leave these sounds open for anticipation and imagination.

Up last is Dog Hallucinations with an excellently psychedelic track making great use of stretched-out samples, airy soundscapes and jamming guitar runs. The guitar here has the quality of a sitar so the general atmosphere is almost a space-aged Indian music. The sound design and manipulation of the various layers is just as impressive as what has come before and that is saying a lot.

I’m really taken aback by how incredible this tape set is. Very impressive top-notch work from these artists which really meshes well as a group of tracks. All brought together with tact and precision by the label. The quality of the tapes sound great, the compositions themselves are creative and dense, and the sound design is just first class. Excellent release and highly recommended.

Ad Hoc Who Has Tapes Anymore?

An exquisitely designed double cassette release featuring four artists with sounds equally as divine. Each act gets ten minutes to hatch their jams. The “Moon Tape” see’s Homogenized Terrestrials and Andrew Quitter calmly spilling introspective repose down the drain. Creamy accelerations and tinges of hypnotic surges wash out the tape. The “Earth Tape” offers Cruudeuces lo-fi basement deterioration, muddled and crushed, along with Dog Hallucination’s caramelized ocean of lavish sound.

Dead Formats

This double cassette 4 way split is all about worship. At least that's how I see it. It feels vaguely religious. Like you are listening to some tribal conjuring happening just beyond the trees. It makes me feel a little nervous. I like that. The Moon tape is smooth and hypnotic where as the Earth tape in more bludgeoning or eerie. I had heard Andrew Quitter before but everyone else on this was a surprise. Excellent work.
     The design works pretty well. I'm not a huge fan of that vertical stacked type. As typography goes it's not very readable and therefore not generally successful but I think since they really committed to it on this release I was sold by the time I read everything. It comes with little photo cards inside as well as being packaged in one of those cool double Norelco cases.

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