Gus Kumo, the Gushing Cloud music-man, began working on music in 2004, exploring samplers, oddbal vinyl records, home-recording and experimental sound work. Since then, the Gushing Cloud sound palette and stylistic approach has grown steadily, incorporating a few collaborations and different explorations in recording mediums. In 2007, Gus agreed somewhat reluctantly to allow a recent acquaintance, "Doggy P. Lips" (half of the experimental art duo Dog Hallucination), to perform with him. This lead to more collaborative, semi-improvised freakout performances by Gus and "Doggy", and from there it has grown in scale to include more collaborators, and more ornate presentations.

The performance side of things has died down since 2010, so Gus has been dedicating his creative time less to rehearsals and preparation for shows and more to putting the final touches on about two albums worth of his densely textural and visionary music.

Once in a while, if the time is right, Gus will gather the team for an old style Gushing Cloud performance freakout, but expect things to be more of a one-man operation going forward.

Gus to the audience at a performance:
"We wanna turn your buns into psychically charged boogie-rubber. This is a party, goddammit!"

Gus to D. Petri on the phone from his bedroom:
"I've been studying a lot of Gurdjieff lately, and thinking about things."


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