Wonderful Wooden Reasons

Now this is pretty interesting. I wasn't sure what I was expecting after last months Dog Hallucination insanity from the same label but this certainly wasn't it. Gus Kumo's Gushing Cloud project mixes melodic electronica with psychedelic swirls, jazzy textures, trip hop beats, pop sensibilities, ambient drones, industrial rhythms, dub basslines and anything else he can conjure up from the depths of his sample hoard. It's fabulous stuff. Gloriously chilled and warmly happy. A big musical hug. - Ian Holloway

Chain D.L.K.

"Gushing Cloud [love the name] is basically Gus Kumo. A delectable mixture of electronic music genres all done in a satisfying fashion, giving the listener something different every 3-5 minutes with most of the tracks running into each other to produce a nice suite-like atmosphere. There's seven tracks on this CDR/EP of electronica, hip hop beats, ambient atmospheres, and general sonic experimentalism that keeps things interesting. Nice dark ambiences too. Check it out if you have ADD or just like a good mix of things musical."

Review by: John Gore

Animal PSI

"Beat-heavy and fun as all get-out, 'Prism Shelter' is the first "EP" by Gushing Cloud (Gus Kumo) and cuts a reckless swathe across the zoological stylebooks of Tortoise ("Ogre's Wit"), Caribou ("Yard-land"), and, yes, Panda Bear ("Taking a Powder"). Things grow a bit dark for the second half where stomp-clap rhythms dominate, where on "Lifeboating" buzzsaw guitar licks are meted to bulging bass tones like something late-Reznor, a brief upset resettled by the Mouse on Mars tropicana "Ring in the Occult Bathtub", and nullified by Muslimgauze closer "Owl See-thru the Earth thee Sky". Despite the excessive referencing, the material is solid and in need of only a bit more retooling (starting with the titles) before the project really has a place of its own. Sleeve and disc both come shellacked bright and colorful. From Intangible Cat for $7".

Cyclic Defrost

"The Prism Shelter EP is one of those bright, breezy bedroom producer type of outings that would have once been the domain of illbient leaning studio boffins but have become more common as a result of developing laptop technology. It’s sample based with a bower bird approach to source material. Everything from spoken word, to sound effect library sounds to heavy funk bass to psychedelic synth noodling gets a look in, with grainy, trip-hop tempo beats holding the explorations in tact. Gushing Cloud, solo producer Gus Kumo, does a fine job of stringing all this together, keeping a production consistency in spite of the broadness of his source material.

Woozy, wobbling sounds sprinkle across the tracks, in a manner reminiscent of the recently released Avey Tare album. There are some sly, post-modern references in titles – such as ‘Them Organs Do Transmit’ which attacks a Six Organs Of Admittance style clash of harmony and dissonance, or ‘Ring In The Occult Bathtub’ which heads into hauntological territory with its disembodied vocal snatches – which give an indication of the kind of inspirations from which Gushing Cloud is working. In many ways, it reminds me a lot of the music of Sydney’s Purdy, though I don’t know that the Illinois, U.S. based Kumo would ever have had the chance to hear Purdy.

Prism Shelter is apparently here to ‘blow out some cobwebs’ from the unreleased Gushing Cloud back catalogue, being taken from recordings made between 2004 and 2010. There’s a full, all new album vaguely promised for 2011 which, on the evidence of this EP, should be worth checking out."

Review by: Adrian Elmer

Vital Weekly

"Gushing Cloud is a project of Gus Kumo, who is working close with the musicians of Dog Hallucination. Also Gus Kumo takes a long period to compile this album and that is what you can hear. He takes six years to recompose, rework, re-edit and re?. to make a well-balanced album of seven tracks. The base of the music is a nice beat and the music palette goes from minimal ambient to heavy guitar and from weird funky stuff to jazzy dub. The music is creative, freaky, funny and well composed. This album gives me a good mood and is highly recommended. (JKH)"?


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